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Lauren F

My mission is to help you do your best work. With a passion for doing good and varied background that has helped me develop a unique combination of skills, my specialty is a to create a bespoke package of support that will help your charity achieve its goals. With several years of experience in commissioning and then tender writing, you can be sure I'm a solid choice when it comes to statutory fundraising. Equally, in the Trusts & Foundations space I have secured grants ranging from £2k to £200k and can adapt my approach to your specific needs. I offer a range of packages to suit any budget, and love to deliver support that helps you become more self-sufficient and get more return on your investment in fundraising. Services offered include: - Bid writing (statutory and philanthropic funders) - Bid proofing / editing - Bid writing mentoring - Facilitated workshops to develop fundraising strategies (and beyond) I'm also something of an all-rounder, with a keen attention to detail, masterful facilitation skills and ability to rapidly digest, interpret & synthesise information & insights - so, if you have a miscellaneous task you'd like support with, or are simply looking for ways to work smarter or more strategically, get in touch to discuss your needs and find out how I could help. Read more
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£57.50 to £86.25 per hour
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