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I'm looking for Blumers who offer a Personal training task

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Steve P
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About Steve

I am a qualified, DBS checked, UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. I enjoy helping others and will work with you to reach your fitness goal.
From £24.00/hr
Jessamy H
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About Jessamy

I am an experienced researcher, writer, as well as educator both at University level (PhD) as well as in the mind and body re-education system that is the Alexander Technique. I work in the culture and heritage sector as an associate archivist. I am also an accomplished maker of jewellery.
From £35.50/hr
Barry D
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About Barry

Offering a range of skills and services within my local area and possibly further afield.
From £24.00/hr
David G
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About David

I live on the border of North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and have been involved in community engagement and education all of my working life from the age of 19. I run my own business.
From £24.00/hr
David (Dave) R
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About David (Dave)

Happily married, retired from range of professions, soldier, physiotherapist, HR manager, lecturer and childminder. Now a part-time carer and advocate for man with autism and epilepsy. Just general household diy skills (not a tradesman). Looking to keep busy, enjoy outdoors and walking. Thank you.
From £18.25/hr
Debbie Q
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About Debbie

I have worked as an administrator for best part of my working life. I am computer literate. I keep myself fit and have a can do attitude. I have joined Blume for the flexible and lucrative opportunities they can provide for older people like myself. I enjoy chatting and meeting new people.
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