Freelancers for charities

Don't bore us...tell us what it costs

‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus’.  Thus Berry Gordy Jr, the founder of Motown Records would exhort his artists to cut to the musical chase.  

 The Blume equivalent is the less rhyme-friendly but equally valid ‘How much does it actually cost?’.  Alas this is less easy and pleasurable to answer than playing you an uplifting melody but I’ll have a crack.

Below is a list of a dozen recent Blume projects chosen to demonstrate the range of prices and support availalbe.  I have rounded these numbers up or down to make them digestible and they include our fees. 


Total cost

Rate (per hour or per day)

Writing a national lottery bid


£300 per day

Independent review of accounts


Fixed fee

Away day facilitation


£300 per day

Producing full set of HR policies


Fixed fee

Writing a blog post


Fixed fee

Setting up Gift Aid Conversion


£20 per hour

Managing recruitment process


£34.50 per hour

EDI review


Fixed price

Interim CEO 

£4,800 per month (12 days)

£400 per day

Part-time finance manager 

£500 per month (2 days)

£250 per day

Interim Finance Director 

£4,400 per month (13 days)

£338 per day

Rewriting web content


Fixed price

Part-time fundraising manager 

£2,560 per month (8 days)

£320 per day


And finally to return to the verse….if you’d like any specific advice on how much you should expect to pay for specific work or the best way of reaching a reasonable price with your Blumer then please contact us.