Freelancers for charities

Case study: Ginny Cullen, CEO CASBA

What does CASBA do?

CASBA is an advocacy servicefor people with learning disabilities. It supports them to speak up for themselves,or, if necessary, speaks up for them if they are unable to so themselves, so that their voices are heard and their rights recognised.

Why did you come to Blume?

We don't have a big enough team to do the work that CASBA wants to get done. Freelance rates of £350 per day plus are unaffordable for us. We found Blume via the Charities Aid Foundation who had previously given us a grant so we got in touch to see if they could help.

What is most useful about Blume?

We can source the support we need quickly. Blumers add so much value to our work and it's affordable. Working together with a Blumer, they become part of our team for a while and that's great. Big charities have the space and resources to innovate – Blume provides us with the capacity to think differently without costing the earth.

How was the experience?

A breath of fresh air compared with our usual experience of hiring external support.
For example we recently needed somebody to help with our website and went the conventional route using our existing networks. Quotes ranged from £20k down to £3k and it’s difficult to know which way to go. So when we needed support with a microsite we went with Blume.
It’s so much easier and straightforward. You put out a project, people send costs and you can get into a productive chat quickly. Managing the project via Blume, as well as payments and invoicing are all really easy, so it cuts down on the work at our end.

Who would benefit from using Blume?

Everybody and anybody. As a CEO, Blume has brought so much to our organisation that I want all CEOs out there to know that if they need support with fundraising, HR, finance, strategy, anything and everything, then Blume has expert, lovely people there to provide it.

CASBA has worked with the following Blumers:

Beth (Fundraising), Jo (HR), Jenny (Senior support), Anna-Rose (Marketing and Comms)