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Webinar: What does your annual report say about your charity's health?

Posted by Felicia on 20/04/2023
Felicia has held seven leadership appointments at six charities, including the Fawcett Society, taking organisations through periods of change, transition and crisis. She describes herself as the Mary Poppins of the charity sector and specialises in organisational effectiveness, good governance and strategic planning. She is currently working as a freelancer through Blume and offers senior support for charities.

In this webinar she discusses why organisational health matters and highlights some of the red flags hidden in your annual report which may put off funders and stakeholders – and discusses how you can deal with them. 


"The biggest thing I’ve learned is that all that best practice and organisational effectiveness stuff is absolutely connected to how successful your charity is"

What is organisational health?  And why does it matter?

(At 3 minutes and 3 seconds)

 "Our interests and those of our funders…focus our attentions on operational delivery at the expense of organisational effectiveness"

Four themes related to your annual report

8.35 "First impressions count"

15.12 "How good is your governance"

22.40 "Strategic or lethargic"

27.10 "Risky Business"


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