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Charity Health Check

Posted by Felicia on 01/03/2023

The Charity Health Check

The Charity Health Check is a comprehensive and practical organisational review for small-to-medium charities (under £2 million) that will help you identify and address the issues that may be draining your charity’s resources, limiting its expansion and putting it at risk.

The Charity Health Check has been designed to be efficient and cost-effective, enabling you to swiftly and effectively identify your high, medium and low priority next steps for good organisational effectiveness.

"Felicia has provided the charity I work for a really sound "health check". Digesting quickly and accurately what and who we are, the challenges we face, the things we do well and making clear recommendations on how we might make improvements. Engaging , energetic and pleasure to work with, the process if I can all it that has been so worthwhile. Highly recommend Felicia and her services, spot on."



Why would my charity need a Health Check?

Charities are often firmly focussed on their cause, which is often not helped by funders preferring to support operational projects rather than organisational health. Despite this, many charity crises are caused by failures in organisational effectiveness and good governance not being picked up in time and addressed.

It can be hard to find the time to review a charity’s organisational effectiveness regularly. The Charity Health Check process provides a simple, quick and comprehensive review to help you place your charity on the development spectrum and to identify what’s next to help your charity move ahead. 

A Charity Health Check also aligns well with strategic planning processes, providing you with key targets and priorities to incorporate into your strategic plan’s internal organisational targets. 

What does the Health Check assess?

The Charity Health Check assesses legal, best practice and practical standards around the areas of: 

  • strategy and planning,
  • organisational systems and standards,
  • staff management and performance oversight,
  • finances,
  • governance and the Board of Trustees,
  • fundraising systems,
  • digital approach,
  • communications
  • partnership working, and
  • volunteers.

It is important to note that the Health Check is not a full governance review. This can be delivered separately but requires consultation with all Trustees. 


How much does it cost?


The Charity Health Check includes a comprehensive analysis of your charity's situation, providing detailed recommendations and context.

    • Desktop review of charity documents, including:
      • annual report
      • constitution
      • strategic plan and
      • key policies
    • Up to eight hours of remote consultations with your CEO, and key Board and staff members, gathering information and input. If more detailed consultation is sought, including focus groups, surveys or more interviews, additional time can be added to the package.
    • Internal report (typically 25-30 pages) including 2-page Executive Summary, priority-ranked recommendations and full organisational review focussing on where action is required.
    • Presenting report and Q&A with the Board via video conferencing.