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Webinar: Five charity leadership lessons - Clare Algar

Clare Algar has been Executive Director of Reprieve, CEO of Unlocking Potential, and Global Operations Director as well as Senior Director (Research Advocacy and Policy) at Amnesty International.

Clare Algar

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In this webinar she shares five leadership lessons: 

Lesson 1: Relax into being the leader of the organisation (Time in video: 01.57)

‘In the third sector there is a sense that everyone is equal and nobody is anybody’s boss and actually that’s not the case’

Lesson 2: Invest a lot of time building and maintaining relationships with your trustees (05.51)

‘Think of it as one of your management tasks’

Lesson 3: Spend regular time with the numbers – especially if you’re not good with numbers (12.10)

‘I would far rather read a page full of letters than a page full of numbers’

Lesson 4: Manage by timesheet and written minutes’ (16.00)

‘I appreciate it’s a lot of work and might sound insane but….’

Lesson 5: ‘Remember to reward and thank yourself’ (23.22)

‘It is about understanding that quite possibly nobody else will say thank you’