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Webinar: Five ways to deal with equality, diversity and inclusion - Stephen Bediako

Posted by Stephen on 29/07/2022

Stephen Bediako has helped many organisations tackle equality, diversity and inclusion.  He is the co-Founder of Turning Basin Labs a cooperative staffing agency.  He is also the founder and Executive Chair of the Social Innovation Partnership whose clients include Nesta, the GLA, the National Lottery and Marks and Spencers!  And he is a trustee of the Thomas Wall Trust and the Barbican.  He has received an OBE for services in innovation in charity and social enterprise. 

In this webinar he sets out five ways charities can respond to the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

"I"ve tried to think about it from a practical perspective and to stay away from the noise and the goldrush of activity we see happening around the diversity question at the moment "


Stephen Bediako

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Try to be continually curious about diversity ; (Time in video: 4.06)

"in the same way that we"re curious about our health or a hobby that we like….we have a duty to try and understand diversity and different communities"


Within your organisations create a regular space for discussion about diversity; (5.49)

"There are regular spaces in organisations to discuss people, finance and strategy so why not diversity?"


Embed diversity into your hiring (11,14)

"This is about being strategic and not tokenistic"


Think about how you are engaging externally and how you can engage different communities in your work (17.08)

"Sometimes there can be a tendency to provide services to communities that are very similar to us when actually there are other communities who are affected by and interested in those issues" 


Don"t miss out and leave value and impact on the table by ignoring diversity  (22.05)

"There is increasing evidence that if we are more diverse in our work we do better…and we are able to have a better impact on the issues we are trying to address"