Freelancers for charities

Webinar On-Demand: How to work with Freelancers

Posted by Nicola on 08/07/2024
You may already use freelancers.  And according to market trends, you are likely to use them more in the future. 
So, how do you get the most out of this increasingly valuable resource?

In this webinar, Blumer Nicola Upton (former charity CEO turned freelancer) and Alexander Stevenson (Founder of Blume) discuss:
- How smaller charities are using freelancers
- How to know when you need a freelancer
- The best ways to choose the right freelancer
- What the freelancer wants from you (but may not tell you)
- How to manage the freelancer especially at the start and end of a job

Guest Blumer:

Nicola Upton is a Charity CEO turned consultant, who made some early mistakes hiring freelancers but learnt from that experience and managed to deliver great projects and outcomes with the help of their expertise. She wants to make it easier for other charity leaders to get what they need, make the changes they want, and unleash their superpowers.  

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Your Host:

Alexander Stevenson is the founder of Blume and wants to make finding and hiring great freelancers as easy as possible for charities.  Prior to Blume he co-founded a public sector consultancy and has been an interim charity CEO and a charity Chair.

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