Freelancers for charities

Workload Survey - March 2021


  • 75% of charities feel that their workload during the pandemic has been much higher than usual
  • 48% said that greater complexity has had the biggest impact on their workload
  • 71% think that once lockdown is lifted their workload will be higher than before the pandemic


Following the workload webinar, 24 of the attendees filled in a survey.

Twenty-three of the respondents work in charities with annual turnovers of less than £1.5m

Thirteen are chief executives and six are senior managers.

The survey

1. During the pandemic has your workload been:

Workload graph 1

2. If it has increased, which of the following has had the greatest impact?

3. Which of the following would help most in relieving your workload?

Workload graph 3

4. What is the greatest barrier to getting more support?

Workload graph 4

5. Once lockdown is lifted do you think your workload will be

Workload graph 5