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Webinar On-Demand: How will AI change bid writing?

'Thank you Blume for the excellent AI webinar earlier today. I have already written my first AI bid...Thanks for the confidence boost!"
'Fascinating webinar about how AI will change bid writing in the charity sector...Exhilaring and a bit terrifying in equal measure!'
In this webinar we heard from Gemma Rocyn Jones a senior strategy advisor at the National Lottery Community Fund, and from Sean Williams founder of AutogenAI, the world's leading AI bid writing engine.

Topics covered include:
  • How the National Lottery Community Fund is approaching AI
  • How AI can help bid-writing (including a short demonstration)
  • How to differentiate your bid if AI is generating them all
  • What to do about 'inherent bias'
  • How bid writers should adapt their skills and activities in response to AI
00.00 - Start
01.53 - Introduction to Gemma and the Community Fund’s approach to AI
06.37 - Introduction to Sean and how to use AI
07.47 - AI Simplified
10.13 - AutogenAI interface | How a charity could use AI.
16.23 - If AI ends up writing the majority of bids, how do you differentiate yourself and how big a risk is there of homogeneity?
18.18 - Are funders aware that bids are written by AI?
20.41 - What's your advice to make the best use of AI?
23.59 - Will the number of bids increase oversubscription of funders?
26.40 - How do we get the benefits without every organisation re-inventing the wheel?
28.52 - How do you test if AI works for you?
31.16 - What are the concerns from a funders point of view?
35.11 - How great are the risks of inherent bias when it comes to bid writing from AI and how do we mitigate them?
39.08 - Career Advice: how should charities/freelancers pivot their careers?
40.33 - Will we still be writing bids in the future?
41.35 - Closing remarks