How Blume works

Blume connects freelancers who are typically over the age of 50 with charities who need flexible, high-quality and experienced support.

For Charities, Blume gives access to a vast array of experienced, talented, vetted freelancers and a platform which enables you to hire and pay them professionally and seamlessly.  In addition to reading about what our Blumers have done and reviews of their work, you have the confidence of knowing that we have verified their name, address and bank details.  In addition our Recommended Blumers have all been interviewed by us and had references taken. You can find the support you need by searching for what you want, by browsing our list of Blumers, by posting a task, or by contacting us directly.

For Freelancers, Blume gives you an opportunity to make use of your skills and experience in a way that suits you.  You can choose when you work, how much you charge and who you work with.  Through our networks, marketing and partnerships we bring customers to you and provide you with a platform to handle payments, communication and disputes (on the rare occasion that they arise).


What is Blume

We are strongly mission-driven and values-led and are applying for B-Corps status which will certify that we have embedded our mission and values into the way we operate.

If you are interested in governance – and why, for example, we have chosen not to be a social enterprise or a charity - you can read more about our decision in our blog post.


How Blume started

We started Blume in response to two trends. 

First, we have an ageing population but not an ageing workforce. The chances of being employed decrease markedly for people over the age of fifty even though we are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

This is bad for health and wellbeing - working is good for all of us - but it is also bad for the economy which loses out on the skills, experiences and enthusiasm of older workers.

Secondly, the growth of the (responsible) gig economy makes it easier for people to find work that suits their lifestyles and interests.  It also makes it easier for employers to find the talent they want when they need it.

We work primarily with Charities because our Blumers like working with them and so do we.  There is also a capacity gap – many small to medium sized charities do not have the resources to employ fulltime copywriters, accountants, fundraisers or HR managers who have the levels of skills and experience that our Blumers have.


Who we work with

We are very keen on collaborating so please get in touch if you can think of ways we can work together.




The team

As a start-up ourselves we practice what we preach and get regular support from a number of Blumers including:

Carole has completed and filed our accounts for the past two years.
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Carolyn manages our twitter feed and facebook page as well as writing blogs for us.
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David did some user testing for us and set up a wordpress site.
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Henry videoed and edited the performance of the Blume song. Watch the results!
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Nicola did some very helpful competitor research and analysis for us.
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Norma organises events for us and manages the administration of recruiting Blumers.
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Steven has been a useful sounding board for our marketing and sales strategy.
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For more information please read our FAQs.

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