Freelancers for charities

For sale: Resilience

By Alexander Stevenson
You may have the impression that Blume just finds experienced freelancers for charities. Well think again.  What we really sell is resilience.  

For IT systems resilience is defined as ‘The ability to continue to operate under adverse conditions of stress even if in a degraded or debilitated state while maintaining essential operating capabilities.’

And the way to achieve this resilience?  ‘Flexible capacity to cope with the day-to-day, and occasional spikes in demand.’  

Organisational resilience also suffers when there is no flexible capacity.  Sometimes this will be felt as a lack of time – too many bids need to be written.  Sometimes this will be felt as a lack of expertise – a complex HR or Finance issue has come up.  

And there will always be consequences.  Key people become thinly spread, tasks get dropped or else completed badly, the urgent bats away the important, and resilience collapses slowly and then occasionally all at once as Hemingway almost put it.  

Of course finding flexible capacity for an organisation is not as simple as renting a few extra servers.  But it is precisely what we do for charities at Blume.  We offer an easy route to reliable, vetted freelancers who provide experienced help when it is needed.  

Or to put it more succinctly: we sell resilience.