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Norma W
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About Norma

Experienced event manager - boardroom to arena, writing event documents, project management, EA support, meet&greet. Good at research. I'm determined, friendly, resourceful. Fee negotiable. Early in to London or distance travel - expenses required. Passions - theatre/acting/ literature/music/travel
From £24.00/hr
Michael P
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About Michael

I'm a qualified Care Assistant with 6 years experience. Previously worked in the retail sector for 15 years including Health, and entertainment areas. I write plays and short stories in my spare time, and currently studying counselling, psychology,spiritual healing, and advanced philosophy.
From £24.00/hr
Steve V
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About Steve

Retired person looking for a temporary or part-time job. I bring with me over forty years of experience working in a range of roles, mostly within the British Civil Service. These roles have included: Administration; Team Management; Research and Development; IT Training and Policy Development.
From £24.00/hr
Nicola B
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About Nicola

An experienced and successful project, change and general manager in the public and non profit sector. I publish books and articles on organisational change. I run training session, workshops, away days, coach and mentor in change management, leadership skills, team building and strategy development
From £35.50/hr
Barry D
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About Barry

Offering a range of skills and services within my local area and possibly further afield.
From £11.06/hr
David (Dave) R
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About David (Dave)

Happily married, retired from range of professions, soldier, physiotherapist, HR manager, lecturer and childminder. Now a part-time carer and advocate for man with autism and epilepsy. Just general household diy skills (not a tradesman). Looking to keep busy, enjoy outdoors and walking. Thank you.
From £24.00/hr
Pam H
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About Pam

I am a Virtual Personal Assistant with almost 20 years experience. My skills lie in helping clients to stay organised in whatever way they need. I also help with their client relationship management and research information they need.
From £24.00/hr
Estelle B
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About Estelle

I am a mature lady who enjoys helping others with jobs around the home, and help with childcare if required.
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