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Webinar: Google Ad Grants – a guide for charities

Posted by Carolyn on 22/06/2021


This webinar led by Carolyn and Matt covers:

  • What Google Ad Grants are
  • How Google Ads work generally
  • Whether Google Ad Grants are right for your charity
  • How to set up a Google Ad Grants account
  • How to maintain your Google Ad Grants account
  • Case studies of Google Ad Grants and results

... and all in 45 minutes.

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About Carolyn and Matt

Carolyn is an experienced journalist working at The Times amongst many other publications.  As well as supporting charities with Google Ad Grants, she manages social media campaigns and writes anything that needs to be written.

Matt is an experienced Digital Marketing expert, most recently as VP of Digital Marketing at Gartner Group.  As well as being a Blumer he also has his own business, Revitalise Marketing.