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I am a FCMA and CGMA certified Director of Finance with more than 25 years’ experience in senior leadership positions. My key strengths include people management of finance functions and the wider business across multi-sites, working collaboratively with operational managers.

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Financial Management and internal control


I provide financial leadership to the senior leadership team and together with the CEO to the Board of Trustees through the


·        Development of a strategic financial agenda

·        Use of plans and forecasting scenarios

·        Provision of clear timely relevant management accounts and key historical data

·        Provision of operationally relevant day to day financial data including cashflow

·        Management of the annual planning, budgeting and reporting processes and timetable including the annual review and preparation of 5-year financial projections aligned to achieving the organisation’s strategic objective

·        Support and training colleagues to ensure they have the confidence to proactively engage with the financial agenda and are empowered to contribute to the management of the finances of the organisation and their team in particular

·        To ensure the organisations’ approach to risk management is fit for purpose and to lead the regular review and reporting of risk and development of a robust assurance framework

·        To ensure that the organisation meets all statutory financial and regulatory obligations and that the appropriate tax planning in undertaken (including companies house, charity commission and HMRC)

·        To ensure that satisfactory financial administration systems and procedures are in place and are properly documented and adhered to

·        To ensure that all income due is promptly collected and monies owed are paid in a prompt and efficient manner

·        To ensure that adequate insurance cover is put in place for the organisation’s operations and activities




·        I lead the development and implementation of the IT strategy, which will deliver the organisations’ strategy and operational targets.

·        I ensure the organisation has appropriate project and programme management processes to ensure all change initiatives meet their objectives

·        I champion knowledge management and the development of systems and processes to enable the more effective collection, collation, storage and dissemination of information across the organisation.

·        I am Responsible for GDPR and the maintenance of the charity’s data protection register and recently implemented the organisations data protection policy


Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

  • Act as Company Secretary, record minutes of board meetings and ensure the organisation meets its statutory reporting requirements with Companies House and the Charity Commission
  • Report to the audit and risk committee as required
  • Ensure there are appropriate policies, processes and controls in place to operate effectively and in compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Take responsibility for identifying gaps in policies and procedures and addressing these in consultation with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team
  • Hold overall responsibility for risk management and compliance, working with the SLT and other managers, and oversee the organisations risk register, taking appropriate steps to protect the organisation from risk
  • Responsible for contract oversight, approval and compliance - obtain trustee approval of contracts where delegated authorities require
  • Manage insurance policies, renewals and any claims


Services I provide include:
General Accountancy£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a book-keeping system
£41.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a payroll system
£41.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Produce year end accounts
From putting the final touches to (and submitting) the year end accounts to managing the whole process
£59.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Select accounting package
Identifying packages that are appropriate for your organisation and implementing them
£65.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Design financial controls and procedures
Design and implement controls and procedures that are appropriate to the size and stage of your organisation
£70.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Set up financial "starter kit" for start-ups
Providing a financial set up which is proportionate, useful and reassuring or assessing your current set-up for gaps and weaknesses
£59.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Interim finance management support£59.50 p/hSend an enquiry
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·        Ensuring HR processes are appropriate, fit for purpose and legally complaint


·        Overseeing and management of the processing of payroll and pension arrangements


·        Set the strategic direction of the organisation’s approach to human resources, ensuring appropriate policies and procedures in place as well leading efforts to foster a positive, enabling and collaborative culture


·        Lead on the delivery of key organisational human resource activities, including oversight of recruitment, pay and benefits strategies, employee relations and engagement


·        Develop and maintain and update the organisation’s employee handbook in line with the latest legislation


·        Contribute to long-term goals around people development including succession planning, managing the staff appraisal process and feedback mechanisms.


·        Ensure the maintenance of employee HR records, preparing contracts and offer letters, taking forward selected recruitment processes and other HR tasks as required


·        Role model the organisation’s values, taking all possible steps to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for staff and promoting equal opportunities through anti-discriminatory practice


Services I provide include:
General HR£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
HR Policies
Developing proportionate HR policies which give peace of mind
£47.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a payroll system
£47.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Advising on contracts or managing the contract process
£47.00 p/hSend an enquiry
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