Mark P
A blumer since 03/12/2018
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My biography

FCMA Accountant . New systems experience.

I'm a blume specialist in ...


A FCMA accountant with experience in system changes.

Worked for a variety of different size organisations both within the commercial and not for profit sector.

Always looking to improve systems

Services I provide include:
General Accountancy£29.75 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a book-keeping system
£18.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a payroll system
£24.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Produce year end accounts
From putting the final touches to (and submitting) the year end accounts to managing the whole process
£29.75 p/hSend an enquiry
Design financial controls and procedures
Design and implement controls and procedures that are appropriate to the size and stage of your organisation
£29.75 p/hSend an enquiry
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