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Le Patron Blumes Ici as the French almost say. And we have been living up to this.  As a start-up ourselves we have benefited enormously from the array of talented Blumers.  This has been helpful and an almighty relief – Blume really is excellent! Here are ten of the best we have hired and the tasks they completed for us.

  Task Their profile
Carole We needed somebody to complete our accounts and file them in the right places.  Carole did all this efficiently, straightforwardly and with such reassuring rigour that we are already using her for another project. https://blume.life/profiles/862
Carolyn wrote some really useful and pleasurably readable content for the site – and is now managing twitter and facebook for us https://blume.life/profiles/620
Howard Howard has senior management and finance experience in the public, voluntary and private sector. We asked him to help us work out what employment rights freelance workers should have and how we can implement them https://blume.life/profiles/207
James James is an experienced charity leader and has helped develop our strategy by interviewing some of our customers (mainly charity ceos) and using his enormous brain and experience of the charity sector to help us think through what we are doing and how we could do it better. https://blume.life/profiles/1536
Henry Henry videoed and recorded the Blume choir and combined huge professionalism (and fancy equipment) whilst making the whole process very relaxed and laid back.  Watch the results! https://blume.life/profiles/783
Mark I was sitting on a pile of 200 unsold copies of a book I’d written (astonishing I know).  I wanted to send them to Local Authority Chief Executives.  Mark research the right addresses, collected the books and then packed and posted them. https://blume.life/profiles/178
Nicola Nicole spent a day researching our competitors.  She produced a phenomenal amount of information and organised it in an accessible way – and added her own insights.  We now know all the tricks! https://blume.life/profiles/586
Norma Norma has helped us loads!  She smoothly organised the aforementioned Blume choir event and she has also helped us manage the recruitment of Blumers from the administration of the responses to conducting the telephone interviews.  And she is now helping us organise an event – sponsored by Blume -for over 130 small businesses in Hackney. https://blume.life/profiles/591
Jill When we were running our Coronavirus free support offer Jill helped set up meetings with charities who were looking for help and handled all the follow ups. https://blume.life/profiles/1388
Steven Steven is an experienced sales and marketing executive.  I booked a fireside chat – just an hour - with him to get advice on how we could generate more recruitment business for Blume. https://blume.life/profiles/643
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