Freelancers for charities

Case study: Alaina MacGregor, CEO British Blind Sport

What does British Blind Sport do?

British Blind Sport helps blind and partially sighted people get active and play sport. It encourages adults and children to participative in activities at all levels, from grassroots to the Paralympic Games.

Why did you come to Blume?

We received funding from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to support our resilience. Blume was one of the suppliers on their resource list.

What is most useful about Blume?

We were going through a period of reflection and review post-pandemic and wanted  the assurance of quality consultants to support this work.  Blume were able to offer us this.

How was the experience?

The process of using Blume was both smooth and responsive.  It was straightforward to get around the site and find what you're looking for.  What we liked was that the portfolio is laid out in a way that enabled us to clearly understand what services and skill set each consultant could offer.

Who would benefit from using Blume?

Providing such a range of consultancy skills and knowledge Blume can assist many business types.  It's a great resource and the quality of the consultants we have worked with has been brilliant.  For us, some demonstrated lived experience of working for small charities and therefore understood exactly what was needed.

BBS has worked with the following Blumers:

Alex (Strategic Review), Shabana (Equality and Diversity), Karolina (Marketing and Comms)