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Trustees and Charity Finance: three lessons
28 Mar 2023
Webinar: ten thoughts on leading in tough times – Nick Wilkie
15 Mar 2023 - Webinar
What do small charity CEOs do all day?
01 Mar 2023
Is your fundraising approach unreasonable enough to succeed?
28 Nov 2022
Webinar: Five ways to deal with equality, diversity and inclusion - Stephen Bediako
29 Jul 2022
Tips from a specialist bid writer
10 Jul 2022
Three characteristics of resilient charities
25 Jun 2022
Webinar: Five charity leadership lessons - Rushanara Ali MP
26 Apr 2022
Coping with excessive workload – advice from charity chief executives
21 Apr 2022
How Charity Chairs can use freelancers
04 Nov 2021
Webinar: Fundraising strategies for small charities
21 Oct 2021
What are independent examiners and when can my charity use them?
05 Oct 2021
Webinar: Five charity leadership lessons - Clare Algar
22 Sep 2021
Webinar: Managing workload in Charities
10 Aug 2021
Financial forecasts - tips on how to do them
06 Jun 2021
Praise and shine!
23 May 2021
Managing a charity is the toughest of all worlds
10 Apr 2021
Using powerpoint (but not in that way) to discuss charity impact with the private sector
11 Mar 2021
Why Your Charity Should Start Blogging (And How to Do It)
06 Jan 2021